Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fashion Trends I Wanna See: Pee Pants!

What's up yo! You know how it is when you got your drink on and you don't got the time or the ability to make it to the rest room. For the modern day hoodie who doesn't wanna worry about blowin' up and then having to be questioned on whether or not they pissed themselves in Rolling Stone Magazine, I wanna see pants that already look like they already been peed in. For the honeys that would mean just a darkened area around the crotch like the picture of Fergie Ferg here. For the homies,
the discoloration on the leg would all depend on which way you hang, either left or right. The labels? How about #1 for All Mankind or Epeesu or something like that.

Of course, the added bonus comes for those who actually have a problem with pissin' themselves. Say you've had one B to the E too many and the bathroom's just too far away or your too wasted to move. You can let yourself go right then there and no one would know the difference. Your boys would be all like "Dang, there you go all pissin' yourself again, we need to get you some Pampers and shit." Then you can just say, "Naw, I'm just rockin' the Epeesu's yo! They just look like I pissed myself, yo! T.H.I.R." *wink* Rilly yo, I think this can take off, because seriously there are lot's of disgusting mofo's out there. Just remember the line from Billy Madison, "If peeing in your pants is cool, just consider me Miles Davis"

As a bonus for my peeps, Tortilla Chips and Milk's model Dartagnan is back rocking the pee pants y'all, enjoy.


Anonymous said...


It comes out as fast as it goes in.

Fyre said...


I shouldn't read this blog at work, cause I don't got my pee pants on!